Where did the word “glizzy” come from? (2024)

From handguns to hotdogs, the noun “glizzy” is at the center of a viral trend through a tsunami wave of online comedic videos. The term “glizzy” originated as a moniker for a handgun within the hip hop community. The slang has been used by many notable musicians. These include artists like; Lil Kim, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Shy Glizzy, Juice WRLD, and Pop Smoke. In 2016, the noun that primarily referred to handguns became a nickname for hotdogs in the Washington DC and Maryland (DMV) area. In June 2020, people on the internet discovered this phenomenon.

Almost instantly, viral comedy videos originating on TikTok and Twitter rapidly accepted the DC slang as synonymous with the word “hotdog.” Viral trends such as “Glizzy Gladiators,” “Glizzy Gobblers,” and most “Glizzard Wizards” have been sweeping a multitude of social media platforms.

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The Origin

Glizzy has been used as a nickname for guns for more than 20 years. Big Pun’s 1999 first posthumous single, “It’s So Hard,” is one of the earliest implementations of the slang. Lil’ Kim’s 2000 release, “Aunt Dot,” references Nicolas Cage’s gun-toting character, Castor Troy, from the movie “Face Off” when adopting the slang: “What? She don’t know I like my guns pretty? Like my boy Castor Troy with the twin-glizzies.” 21 Savage has used the gun slang in multiple songs like his 2018 hit, “ASMR,” and in his collaboration with Shy Glizzy, “No I.D.”

Shy Glizzy, aka Marquis Amonte King, is a rapper and leader of the rap group “Glizzy Gang.” Born in Washington, King found inspiration for his musical persona, Shy Glizzy, from the Glock brand of pistols. In Shy Glizzy and 21 Savage’s 2017 collaboration, “No I.D.,” Savage artfully utilizes the gun slang: “I left my glizzy at the house cause I was with the Glizzys. Slaughter gang throw bullets around like a f*cking frisbee.”

The Entanglement of 2016

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Exactly when the word started being used to describe 50% of all BBQ meals is uncertain at best. Azel Prather’s, based in the DMV, employs the slang to describe where to find and how to eat a variety of hotdogs. Prathers provides one of the earliest online uses of the phrase in this 2016 Youtube video.

So even though several rappers still use glizzies as synonymous with guns, this new definition for the slang has spread over the internet. On September 24th, 2017, Urban Dictionary user, Dmv_lingo, defined the phrase as “another word for a hotdog in DC.”

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People on Twitter had priceless reactions to finding out that Glizzy is slang for hotdogs in the DMV. Not understanding that a glizzy is a gun, Twitter thought it was hilarious that DC rapper, Shy Glizzy, named himself after a hotdog. The confusion of definitions only added to the hilarity of the situation online.

Ever since I learned DC nigg*s call hot dogs glizzys I can’t get over the fact that a DC rapper really named himself a Shy Hotdog https://t.co/Som2SOiRuV

— Chakra Khan (@vashti_adena) July 5, 2019

Glizzy Gulpers

In mid-2020, the joke spread throughout the DMV and became funny because of its immature and inane nature. Here’s the whole joke; your bros catch you eating a hotdog, they all roast you because of the hotdog’s naturally sexual shape. The internet soon discovered this DMV local joke and instantly recognized its potential as a comedic gold mine. The gags spread like wildfire through numerous social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok.

There are countless videos of guys being embarrassed and freaking out when getting caught gulping glizzies.

The Guzzlers, Gobblers, and Gladiators

As the internet embraced this new trend, a flurry of posts occurred on Facebook and Twitter with a widening variety of goofs. In early July 2020, a multitude of related phrases and trends rapidly emerged throughout social media. In July, The “Glizzy Gobbler” and “Glizzy Gladiator” posts and videos took off and added to the hilarity of the trend. The similarly themed videos focus on people consuming hotdogs with equal parts speed, vigor, and aggression.

This guy was the original glizzy gladiator fr pic.twitter.com/OViupCgAVy

— kristian (@chapterblvck) July 25, 2020

On July 07, 2020, Urban Dictionary user, GetAwayNick, defined the phrase “Glizzy Gobbler,” as “a person who completely dominates hotdogs during consumption.”

The viral “Glizzy Guzzlers” trend includes a plethora of videos and photos capturing guys downing their hotdogs with no shame. On July 13, 2020, Urban Dictionary user, Glizzygladiator6969, defined the term “Glizzy Guzzler,” as “someone who will guzzle down glizzys like it’s nobody’s business.”Where did the word “glizzy” come from? (4)

Lucky for us, the early June 2020 emergence of the trend continues to grow on social media. On July 21st, a TikTok user, @domo.ps, posted this hilarious video of him spinning a hotdog wiener in his hand. The video, captioned “i am the glizzy ninja,” earned close to 3 million views and 600,000 in one week.

Then the clip quickly garnered attention on Reddit, Twitter, and other online social platforms. The clip has inspired many edits and memes that continue to power the evolution of this trend.

To Glizzy And Beyond

Whether or not you’ve heard the term, there is no doubt that this word’s presence will only continue to grow. The meme world and the hip hop world continue to hold on to the slang with the meaning that they like most.

Pop Smoke’s 2019 release, “Dior,” contributes to the idea that the slang refers to a gun: “If you need the glizzy, you could take mine.” The dual meaning of the word has provided many opportunities for new memes and offbeat humor. An Urban Dictionary user, puss*Slayer43Q69, referred to Pop Smoke’s song when defining glizzy as “a f*cking Hot dog.” The contrast continues.


Where did the word “glizzy” come from? (2024)
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