Tanjiro x Rengoku ((WIP TITLE)) - Chapter 2 - Spicy_Forest - 鬼滅の刃 (2024)

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The days to follow that night followed as such: Rengoku would wake early as he usually did, venture around the town, and head up the mountain near nightfall to find the demonic siblings. The blonde had tried to make progress with getting to know them, but results were minimal, only leading to them coming around a foot closer. He couldn’t blame them in all honesty, anyone would find it difficult to trust a human in their position. Around the fifth day of venturing, he grew to know the town and its inhabitants quite well. What the siblings had relayed was correct, no humans were injured within the last few months, and none have gone missing either. So, were they the ones keeping other demons from attacking the town? By why, was the question.

“Excuse me sir, but where are your children?” a young woman asked. Rengoku looked to her questioningly. Children?

“Miss, you must be mistaken, I do not have any little ones of my own, I do not even have a young maiden to call my own.” He replied. Perhaps she thought he was another person.

“Then why were those adorable siblings following you back to the inn last night? Surely they must be yours to follow you so easily.” Rengoku continued to stare at her until the uncomfortable silence made the woman fidget.

“Would you mind describing these children to me? I may know of who they belong to.” She simply smiles and easily lists off an exact description of who he knew she spoke of. He kept a blank face before offering a smile. “Ah yes, my apologies. Those children belong to… my late friend but unfortunately they aren’t quite fond enough of me to allow me to take them in quite yet.”

“Oh, those poor children, I hope they can trust you more soon, those poor dears shouldn’t be left all alone to fend for themselves.” Little did this woman get that they were more than capable of taking care of themselves. But that wasn’t going to stop Rengoku.

As night approached, the blonde made his way back up the hill searching for the mysterious children. Tonight, seemed more difficult to find them though. He continued to wander for hours until he came upon two sets of tiny tracks leading farther up the mountain. He followed them for a short time more, finally reaching a worn down home. It was clear that this was no mere wear from age. He continued to look around, taking in his surroundings. Upon the property there was also a small shed, likely containing dried foods, and possibly firewood. Next to it was a cart, well worn and in need of some work.

Nothing out of the ordinary besides the damaged house. Well, until his sharp eyes landed on five mounds just to side of the house. Oh… oh no. This must be the family of the siblings… even after becoming demons they went and buried them in proper graves. Their will power must be incredible, but still, how heartbreaking to be so young and to lose everything. Rengoku felt a newfound respect for the siblings as he pressed his palms together in a silent prayer for the lost in hopes they did not suffer.

“The demon who did this to us killed our mother and four siblings. Nezuko and I don’t remember anything from that night. Only waking up and fighting that horrible… urge. But seeing what they did to them, I wasn’t going to let this sick monster get away with it. I will hunt the demon down myself if I have to.” A familiar voice said from beside him said. The hashira stiffened and turned to look at the pair standing next to him, staring at the graves. Matching angry tears streamed down their faces, hands held tight. These poor children have suffered hardships no one should at their age.

Rengoku gently turned and knelt down next to them, raising both hands and resting them on their shoulders.

“My boy, you and your sister are incredible strong for the things you have been through, many in your position would have simply given in, but neither of you have. In normal circ*mstances, I would have had to eliminate you both, but this situation is highly unusual.” He paused to gauge their reactions, “I wish for you both to return to the inn with me just for tonight, I wish to learn of your story and perhaps I can help you in such a predicament. Won’t you consider allowing this?”

“Tanjiro.” He replied, causing the blonde to give him a quisitive look.


“Tanjiro,” the red head repeated “my name is Tanjiro Kamado. This is my sister Nezuko.”

The blonde gave a grand smile and laughed joyfully before enveloping them both into a hug. “It is a pleasure to meet you both. I am known as Kyojiro Rengoku.”

“Ky-o-ji-ro,” Tanjiro tried, before huffing. “Re... Rengoku-san.” This caused the blonde to laugh again and hoist them up in his arms. “Rengoku-san it is then.” His laughter became contagious as the boy began to giggle with his sister giving a quiet ‘mmph’ in response.

The blonde was simply happy to see that they trusted him more. Perhaps meeting them was simply meant to be. Never once did he ponder the thought of what would happen when inevitably another demon slayer came across him, nor the fact that someone was already following him from a far enough distance.

Tanjiro x Rengoku ((WIP TITLE)) - Chapter 2 - Spicy_Forest - 鬼滅の刃 (2024)
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