Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer) one shot (COMPLETED) - ­čö¬Yandere!Nezuko X Reader­čö¬ (2024)


"Y/N- Chan/kun~" It's been an hour since Zenitsu won't stop calling my name, and it's irritating the living brain cells I only have left. Tanjiro's crow has assigned all three of us, including Nezuko, to go on a very gruesome mission, but then, of course, we had to drag the off-brand human Pikachu with us. "Monitsu, shut up, you're annoying!!!" "At least I'm not a barbaric animal who doesn't know how to spell..." "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SAY?!?!". Just to cut time and not hear those baboons on a rampage like always, I looked over my shoulder at Tanjiro and decided to start a conversation even though I barely do anything like that to anyone anymore.

"Hey Tanjiro, how's Nezuko doing in her box? Is she still sleeping okay during daylight?" He just looked at me and smiled, which caused me to blush internally. "Yeah, but I think there's been something going on lately with her." I stopped smiling as curiosity got the best of me. "How so?" "I promise there's nothing wrong, but sometimes during the daytime, whenever we go to our missions together, she opens her box and almost gets out into the light, causing her to burn." 'Huh, I guess she wants to come out of that cramped box.....I wouldn't blame her if I were in that situation.I looked back at those two babies who were still having a tantrum. "Well, whatever it is, do you think she's trying to get something for herself?" "I'm just not sure."

I frustratingly sighed, then swiftly started to turn my body towards the dumb one and dumber two while walking backward. "How about this Zenitsu? Once we finish our mission, I'll give you all the love and attention you deserve! And you, Inosuke, I'll give you all my food and praises for being an awesome and strong boar!" The both of them had stop yelling and looked at me with surprised faces, Tanjiro also looked at me like I made the greatest mistake bribing them out of the blue.

"I mean it, every day and word I will please you and improve your days-" "AH STOP TALKING AND let's GO ALREADY!!!" Steam was puffed out of Inosuke's mask as he ran fast towards our destination with his swords ready. I chuckled, then looked at Zenitsu as he still stood here, blushing like a mushy tomato. Walking close to him, I "tried" the most kawaii yet upset face, looking at him and saying, "Please Zenistu~.....I don't want to be harassed and killed by a very strong and powerful demon! Who knows if Inosuke might get more love than you!" *wink, And there it is, Zenistu ticked, then started running fast, trying to catch up to the boar head. "DON'T WORRY, I WON'T LET ANY DEMON GET TO MY FUTURE PRINCESS/PRINCE, BACK OFF YOU IDIOT Y/N-CHAN/KUN WILL BE MINE!!!!!" Somewhere in the distance, we heard Inosuke yell back something about Zenitsu will never have a mate with a stuck-up baby.

My smile faded into serious mode, and then I looked back at Tanjiro. "Y/n, are you sure about that?" The only answer I gave him shook him, also causing lots of strange rumbling and scratching sounds in Nezuko's box.......

".............O V E R M Y D E A D BODY..............."

After that situation, it was officially nighttime as we finally managed to kill many demons. Still, of course, we were separated, only me being with Tanjiro and Nezuko. "There's so many of them, I can't even make another kill if they keep moving too much!" "I know Tanjiro....even my feet won't stop aching"-.......... "Well, well, what do we have here~?" Goddamn it, just when I was going to take a f*cking break!!! Curse you, Muzan! "Be careful, y/n; I can smell lots of them coming." At the least, there were four demons ready to take charge and bite into our flesh and blood. "Breath of (your power)...... first form, w-" At a rapid speed, one of the demons took the chance to attack, making me fall back a step; these annoying thots won't get off my back! It looks like Tanjiro is struggling with the other three as well.

"Why don't you step down, little girl/boy, and let me eat you up?" . . . I stopped and stood there reprocessing in my head, thinking what the heck he just said while trying not to be the dirty person that I am to anyone. "Excuse me, the f-?" "Y/n, watch out!!!" jumped out of the zone from a random voice in my mind. I attempted to attack first, but it missed, making my face claw deeply with amounts of blood spilling. Hissing in pain, I managed to fight back but only cut its eye out, "Son of a bitch! I'll end you right here!" "Come at me then!" just as I was getting ready to attack, the demon went stiff as a brick and then fell to their knees in agonizing pain, rushing to their lower region. Now, taking my chance, the demon's neck was finally slaughtered with one hit, making me sigh in relief.

Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer) one shot (COMPLETED) - ­čö¬Yandere!Nezuko X Reader­čö¬ (2024)
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