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Alternative forms

  • glizz (clipping)


From Glock +‎ -izzy (suffix forming hip-hop-sounding words). The "hot dog" sense comes from comparison to the extended magazine of a pistol. Both of these senses were ascribed to the Washington metropolitan area until piquing the curiosity of the world in June–July 2020 when internet users endeavoured to upload pictures containing sausage buns just to say the term.



glizzy (plural glizzies)

  1. (slang) Glock, handgun.
  2. (US, slang) Hot dog (food).
    • 2020 June 29, “What does “Glizzy” mean?”, in DailyRapFacts[4], archived from the original on 17 July 2020:

      A Glizzy is also sometimes used to reference a Hot Dog in DC.

    • 2020 July 10, Ron Dicker, “Nathan's Champ Joey Chestnut Rips Donald Trump's Hot Dog Eating Style”, in HuffPost[5], archived from the original on 10 July 2020:

      [Joey] Chestnut, who ate a record 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win his 13th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in 14 years on July 4, analyzed the president’s way with a wiener, along with a few other politicians, on “Desus & Mero” Thursday. The “Glizzy Gladiator” said former presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg looked like he wasn’t “quite enjoying the food as much as he should” and praised former President Barack Obama for “takin’ it” in a photo of him chomping into a chili dog.

    • 2021, Malachi Jenkins, Roberto Smith, Trap Kitchen: Bangin’ Mac n’ Cheese Recipes from Around the World, Kingston Imperial, →ISBN:

      POLISH KIELBASA MAC / We’re switching countries now, but we still got some recipes with the glizzy.

    • 2022 April 4, Kimberly Cataudella, Mary Helen Moore, “Nerves give way to jubilation as Tar Heels beat Duke, fans rush onto Franklin Street”, in The Herald-Sun, volume 134, number 38, page 6A:

      “I had to cop the glizzy,” he [Kessler Petrarca] said, using internet slang for a hot dog.

    • 2022 April 22, Ardie Arvidson, “Vibez843 holds ribbon cutting”, in Morning News, volume 99, number 100, page B8:

      In the daytime, [Tameka] Thomas said, she serves a full menu that includes honey-glazed salmon, salmon bites, chicken quesadillas, chopped cheese glizzy bun, vegetables, wings and other food.

    • 2022 May 23, Nick Vadala, “’Dogs back again”, in The Philadelphia Inquirer, 193rd year, number 357, page B3:

      The overlapping section of the Venn diagram of Phillies fans and mystery meat aficionados probably already knows this, but the Phils’ beloved Dollar Dog Nights appeared to be over for the season (for the uninitiated, that’s when glizzies go on sale for a buck).

    • 2022 September 29, Shavonne Pucula, “Folkfaces Fest is four days of music, dance, workshops”, in The Buffalo News, page 16:

      There will be a hot dog eating contest to match the theme of ”Denim and Dogs” along with other “glizzy games.”

    • 2022 October 22, Becca Blasdel, “The Best Streetwear Furniture and Designer Decor (Yeah, Some is Supreme)”, in Vice[6], archived from the original on 22 October 2022:

      There’s really not much more to say about Carhartt’s incredible glizzy-inspired door mat, aside from pass the Heinz, please.

    • 2023 August 4, “Cheese Touch” (track 5), in BLP Kosher (lyrics), Bars Mitzva[7], 1:16:

      I let this chopper eat like Joey Chestnut 'cause it's a glizzy
      That's my woadie, that's my dreidel, that's my motherf*ckin' twizzy


  • glizzy”, in OneLook Dictionary Search.

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